Wellness Space

In the heart of the village of Samoëns, discover the Hotel Alexane’s Wellness Centre, which covers over 1000 m² and includes a water park with swimming pool, paddling pool, sauna, steam room and sensory shower, as well as the Spa Montagnes du Monde® Spa, ideal for really letting go.
Treat yourself to a unique sensory journey in this setting entirely finished with wood and stone and offering a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

Discover a bubble of contentment.

Swimming pool

Share a relaxing moment with family, friends or your partner in our indoor infinity pool. Heated all year round, the pool water is always at the ideal temperature, even in the middle of winter!


Children’s pool

The little ones are not forgotten at the Hotel Alexane and can also enjoy their own bathing area, fully adapted to their needs.

Steam room

Let yourself be transported by the aromatic essences and the heat, helping you to release all tensions. With a humidity level of 90% and a temperature between 40 and 50°C, the steam room deeply purifies and cleanses your skin, while making it firmer and brighter.


For those who love the more tonic and dry heat, head for the sauna where, under the effect of the very high temperature, toxins and aches are gradually eliminated.

Whirlpool bath

Allow yourself a moment of intense relaxation with our indoor whirlpool: there’s nothing better for letting go and chasing away the worries of everyday life!


Hotel Alexane exclusives

Le Spa Montagnes du Monde® at the Hotel Alexane offers exclusives such as the Himalayan Salt Wall in the relaxation room or the spa suite with private steam room and duo bath. Or why not try out our floatation bed for a true sensation of weightlessness: at Hotel Alexane, you have only one goal, to relax.

Spa Suite

Discover our spa suite equipped with a duo bath and a private steam room, to share a moment of relaxation in privacy and enjoy the virtues of the moist heat of the steam room for two. The Hotel Alexane’s spa suite also offers duo massages or relaxing baths with essential oils.

Treatment cabins

In the cosy atmosphere of our cabins, enjoy the treatments using products from the Pure Altitude© range and experience a moment of total relaxation in the expert hands of our spa practitioners. A moment of pure well-being to enjoy alone or with a partner.

The flotation bed cabin

Experience a unique feeling of weightlessness on our floatation bed and slip into a state of total relaxation, free from the constraints of everyday life. You can extend this moment of relaxation with a snow cream wrap and a scrub with hay extracts.

Sensory shower


Sensory shower

Escape in line with the seasons in our sensory shower with its multiple programs: relax under a gentle tropical rain, or a hot and intense summer downpour. This uniquely liberating and purifying sensory journey makes use of a system combining hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, light therapy, music therapy and aromatherapy.


Nordic bath

Enjoy the benefits of this cold bath after a session in the sauna or steam room. The temperature of the water, between 4 and 6°C, contracts the blood vessels, previously dilated by the heat, to reactivate the blood and lymphatic circulation.

Himalayan Salt Wall Relaxation Room

For a moment of pure relaxation, make yourself comfortable in a heated massaging chair in our Himalayan Salt Wall relaxation room.

Combined with chromotherapy, the relaxation room soothes tensions and fosters significantly better sleep.











We offer different rituals to experience during a day or over 3 days.
Enjoy the 1-day ritual as a duo, whether mother/daughter or father/son. With the 3-day formula, target your needs exactly choosing between a sporting ritual, a Zen altitude ritual, an anti-stress ritual or a detox ritual.

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Sensory journey

The sensory journey of the Spa Montagnes du Monde® is a true wellness escape that allows you to enjoy our relaxation facilities to the full.


1 Begin your journey with a swim in the pool, allowing your muscles to relax and your tensions to gently evaporate. A moment as relaxing as it is enjoyable.

2 Then take a break to immerse yourself in the whirlpool bath. The pressure of the water relaxes you further and allows you to let go completely.

3 Next, enjoy the heat of the sauna, reaching as high as 80°C. This is the ideal temperature to allow your muscles to loosen and to soothe your body aches. Detoxified and firmed, your skin will regain its radiance.

4 After the sauna, follow the Finnish tradition by immersing yourself in the Nordic bath. The very low temperature of the water, between 4 and 6°C, contracts the blood vessels, previously dilated by the heat, to reactivate the blood and lymphatic circulation.

5 Then plunge into the vapours of the steam room. Moist heat purifies and cleans the skin, while the pores expand and release accumulated toxins. You will be rewarded with a fresh and bright complexion.

6 Upon leaving the steam room, take a cool shower. This tightens the pores of the skin again, making it firmer and more attractive.

7 Then escape in our sensory shower with its multiple atmospheres, ranging from a thin curtain of rain, to a humid, hot fog, and then to an intense summer rain.

8 It’s time to allow yourself a moment of pleasure with the treatment or massage of your choice.

9 The spa has a relaxation lounge. Allow a little time after your treatment to extend this moment of ease. You will be offered tea or fruit juice to perfectly round off your ritual.

After enjoying this signature MGM moment, you will feel soothed and relaxed.

Treatments and massages

Discover the many treatments and massages for face and body developed by our practitioner spas with products from the Pure Altitude© range.

We welcome you from Monday to Friday as well as Sunday in a bubble of sweetness.

Pure Altitude© products

“Nature’s intelligence at the heart of our formulas.” This is the motto of Pure Altitude©, whose products contain natural active ingredients with rare cosmetic properties. Edelweiss is the flagship active ingredient of the brand’s beauty treatments. This high mountain plant, which adapts to and flourish in a harsh natural environment, offers natural protection against the signs of ageing and external sources of damage to the skin.

The treatment menu

Find all our facial and body treatments, massages, 1-day rituals, 3-day rituals, beauty treatments and gift ideas on our treatment menu.

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